Web Design

The future site conception.

At the stage of concept development all possible variants of the future site’s looks are processed and rejected, first general, then more detailed the complete conception is crystallized out. Our mission – to develop and submit a client the most appropriate to the set objectives of the concept. A common practice is developing 2-3 variants should be considered false, because it is actually an attempt to remove responsibility from developers and put a solution on the client (which is non-professional in web design). The result is a compromise between all the proposed, resulting in a kind of entire concept is absent. This approach is only possible when developing the site for a particular person when this person’s wishes and tastes are exactly the tastes and wishes of the target audience.

Target Audience.

Each site is created for a certain audience, consisting from one person to the broadest segments of the population. Typically the client knows its target audience through the previous offline experience. If the site is created for a totally new business (or it is launch) – it will require online research to make a portrait of the target audience, its tastes and behaviour on the Internet.

Options for cooperation with the client.

Our cooperation with clients is built on one of the three cooperation schemes, each of which includes writing of requirements specification for understanding the goals, objectives and functionality of this site:

1. Approval of design in working order. After writing a requirement specification the customer approves the design concept and after its implementation makes changes. Totally there are 2 stages for corrections + “polishing” of small parts before starting the project, when design is available in online.

2. Designed completely rely on us. With the client we only make agree about the concept that is developed and implemented without his involvement. This scheme provides slightly higher payment for the work as it is necessary to thoroughly explore the area of customer business and his current and potential clients’ tastes.

Separately, there is a so-called “Per pixel design.” This scheme involves the impact of the customer to view each point (pixel) on the site: range of colours, design and placement of elements, etc. This requires close cooperation between designer and client, which can only be achieved using the hourly work / payment.