Tour Online

Travel aggregator website and metasearch engine for booking tours

Tour Online is an online service to search the best tour packages from leading travel operators in Ukraine. We process over 2,500,000 tours from 20 tour operator companies in real time and show to client the cheapest offer within 10 seconds of the search query. All tours are synchronized with each other in one hotel base and ready to book.


  • Tour Online


  • Travel and tourism



  • meta search: over 1 000 000 tours in real-time
  • 3 search type: main search, short search, in-hotel-search
  • 2 types of search result (main search result and search result in hotel)
  • 2 types of booking form
  • Setup and unification over 50 000 hotels from 20 tour packages providers
  • Setup and verification over 50 000 hotels GPS coordinates on map
  • System for autocheck and merge new hotels
  • Comment system using Gmail and Facebook API


  • Architecture
  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build

Very simplified scheme of search



  • Different types of web service APIs from different Tour Operators Companies
  • Different system of administrative division by different Tour Operator. Same resort may be in different regions
  • Totally trash with hotels name. Same hotel may be named with or without hotel category (Laguna Beach 4*); with or without resort (Laguna Beach Sharm); with or without words “Hotel”, “Resort” (Laguna Beach Resort); combination of all above
  • Same hotels in different Operators’ systems may be in different resorts
  • Same hotels in different Operators’ systems may be in different hotels categories. Same hotel may have 5* or 4* depend on Tour Operator



We developed complicate system to synchronize and unify data from different Tour Operators:

  • Regions
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Hotels category
  • Meals type
  • etc

Our system consists of automated (by code) and manual (by content-managers) parts. We are working permanently to maximize automated part and minimize manual work.

We also designed Corporate style for Tour Online


June – September 2017



  • Development and coding basic search system
  • Designed Corporate style and website intarface
  • Developed unification system for hotel/resort/regions/etc. from different Tour Operators

September 2017 - October 2018

Version 2.0

  • Changed a search system because of web API specific of several Tour Operators
  • Development and coding automated synchronize and unify system for hotel and other hotels data from different Tours Operators
  • We achieved search result for a client in 10 second

October 2018 - April 2019

Production release of  Tour Online

  • Improvement of automated synchronize and unify system
  • Maximize search coverage

2019 - ?

Improvements and further works

  • Development and coding of search system for combined tour packages
  • Optimization project performance
  • SEO-optimization

Search Pages

We try to simplify as much as possible the search process and working with search result. We We think usual search interfaces are too complicated for usual client and good only for managers. So we took away all additional information leaving only the most important.

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