About Etnosoft

Our slogan: responsibility, reliability and responsibility again.


Our Mission.

We aim to sell high quality web solutions.

Solutions, which adequately represent the client in the web space.

Solutions, which will help to grow up his business.

Solutions, of which we are proud to be able to say: «we made it!»

Our advantages:

Reliability. We are the officially registered LTD and work exclusively under the contract. The contract includes both legal part (rights and responsibilities) and specification (functionality and appearance of your future website).

Quality. We have the big experience of Internet projects’ realization, creating different design solutions, video and multimedia support.

The Complex approach. We perform a complete cycle: creation, hosting, support and promotion. We offer registration services domain name (website address), hosting (hosting on the server). We also collaborate with developer specialists of 3-D tour and video animation. All this is done by people involved in the development of the site, which will save us from the effect of “spoiled phone.”

Our principles:

professionalism. We always provide clients with the most relevant information that will help him make the right management decisions regarding web project. The practice of shifting the responsibility solely on the customer, which may not be an expert on web design, we believe to be false and harmful especially for the project. We are also ready to reasonably defend their own professional vision in the project because

target audience – above all else. The product should focus on the tastes and habits of the target audience of your business, not your mother’s secretary’s tastes (unless of course your mom’s secretary is not your target audience). For a good perception of your product and extremely important is

the design and usability. As well implemented, they can make the product a best seller (remember Apple Products), deprived of attention during development, they may discourage users from the best functionality. That’s why we believe the design and usability is very important but not the only component of successful web project. For the success of any web project important is

complexity. We believe in the need for specialization, but also realize that the client’s business needs complex solutions. The project should not be frozen for a month until the customer is looking for experts in web advertisement or content manager. Therefore, we provide comprehensive services: web design, web development, SEO, web advertisement, etc. Even if the needed narrow specific service specialists are not in our team, we always advise you who to contact and introduce professionals with whom we were dealing.

You can always see the quality of our works looking in our portfolio and reading our clients’ feedbacks

For this moment 2/3 of our clients come after recommendations from our old Clients.