Magento is an online solution for large shops that need a flexible system with many suppliers, discounts and units.
The huge advantage of Magento is the ability to create not one online store but the entire distribution network, on different domains, different languages, with different currency calculations and various range of products. The advantages of Magento SEO should also enroll optymization of the shop and a high level of customization (including the ability to integrate third-party solutions)
Magento is a serious system which requires a separate specialist for support and configuration, as well as dedicated server.

OpenCart is easy to operate and compares favorably with other popular systems demanding low for hosting and good speed. This engine online stores provides the user with features such as the original structure of the store, ease of management and low threshold of development. This system is ideal for small businesses that doesn’t have a lot of employees and can not devote a single technician to support and do the customization of the shop.